In the Mind of an Orphan

By Eustace Dunn

Where could you be by now?
Where would you find me and how?
I really want to run in your arms.
Even if you are dead,
Take me along instead.
Prove you are dead
And show me your grave.
By then I shall become brave.

I never saw your face
I only felt your tear drops
It was cold in the basket I was laid
I think I cried out

You did not stop as I felt your race
Running further as my mother
I could only see the sky
I smiled at the birds seeing them fly
This time I had to cry!

Seeing my rescue by a nun,
None of your permissions was won
My fun will now go and mourn,
Because you may never come.

These siblings have the same difference
They have no mother, they were thrown away.
Mine was in a dressed basket
As you left me a box of trinkets
Now I felt their pain like I had none
I had my joy like I never cried
I was hopeful like I had known your face.

I grew loving the trinkets
My future was seen in your picture
I saw you peeping from afar
Sensing you will not be far apart
As you saw the nun taking me away.
Come, make me not to stay.
My anger will not vent its emotion
It will only ask “where is father?”
Do not say I have none.
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  1. oh......... u wanna mak me cry Eustace

  2. Voila... u nailed it boy.. Nice poem. Thumbs up

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