What A Woman’s Secret Can Cause

By Eustace Dunn

I have seen so much about women to the point that I cannot understand what I see anymore. Every human has certain secrets to keep from others. Sometimes, the things we try to keep away from people end up hurting us. Many people pray to be kept out of unexpected problems, so they let everything out. Some others pray to be able to confront and overcome the problems when they eventually occur thereby facing their fears. Are we supposed to do things which may be morally unwise and generally unaccepted when revealed? Today in our everyday lives, secrets are the order of the day. Such is the case of Ayo and Julia.

Ayo woke up at about 2:00am one Sunday, stretched his right hand possibly to feel the presence of his wife who was sleeping by him. He could not believe his eyes! Julia was not there. Immediately, he sprang up like an angry snake. Though not angry, he only wondered where Julia could be that night since there was no other room. They lived in a one room self-contained apartment. He was raring to go out but it was totally dark outside. Ayo then peeped through the window to be sure of the voices he heard. Yeah, he was right. Or was he dreaming? No! That was not a dream, it was real. 

Ayo and Julia had been married for twelve years; the only thing that would have authenticated their love for each was at least, a child from Julia. Ayo’s mother was really worried that her only son may not be able to get someone to retain his own name the way his father did for himself before he died. Abram and Sarai were their favourite models. Even when Ayo’s family members had summoned Julia to inquire why she had not given them a child, Ayo rebuked her from going. It became highly imperative for him to protect Julia from the venom of his Ondo kinsmen. 

By and large, people would surely throw jibes at her for her barrenness, but then, she was so ambitious with her faith and then resolved not to reply any side talks. That was seven years ago, five years into their marriage. She never thought of how long people will continue pelting her with insults. It never occurred to Julia whether Ayo would wonder or worry about why she had not been pregnant for years. At a point, the barrenness started consuming Julia like a gas fire. She tried to help it escape from the memory, but to no avail… she felt like opening up. How could she possibly struggle to relate it? No! She has to lure it out gradually. 

As Ayo looked through the window, he could hear someone sob. That was Julia. Now, Ayo had the courage to walk into the black night and slamming the door behind him, he tiptoed to where Julia sat. Unknown to Ayo, she had been doing the series of cries for the past one week.

There was no point asking her why she cried because he could envisage the reason she cried. Was she crying at that time of the night because she was barren? Was she crying because her barrenness made her a chirp bowl of the streets? She has to open up! But how could she?

About three years earlier, Ayo had taken Julia to the hospital to find out why they had not had any child. The doctor told them that both of them were fine and that nothing was wrong with them. They went to two other places, yet same thing. Julia was fast enough to broker a deal with the three doctors when they found out that the fault was from her. They agreed not to tell Ayo the truth. Deb Caletti once told her girls this “You can hold a secret, hold it so far in that it drives nearly every thought and every move you make- your very heartbeat, almost”. Certain secrets could make you uncomfortable anywhere… you feel like you are in hell. Everyday of your life you are indebted to your own conscience because you've done what you cannot say.

However, years before they got married, Julia had gone through two stages of dilatation and curettage in her previous relationships. This affected her womb, for this reason, she can never give birth again for life. She never knew it was going to affect her later in her marriage. Now, how she was to reveal it to Ayo was the bone of contention.
If you were Julia, how would you divulge this top secret to Ayo? And if you were Ayo, How would you take the news from Julia and what would your decision possibly be? Do you think this secret that she has kept for years would bedevil her marriage?

According to Mother Theresa, “the greatest destroyer of peace today is 'Abortion', because it is a war against the child… it is a direct killing of the innocent child, it is a 'Murder' by the mother herself... And if we can accept that a mother can kill even her own child, how can we tell other people not to kill one another?” The question is why should an unborn child be killed just to gratify your own pleasure? Why not let them be and make them grow up and fight your own war? What if the only abortion you do today turns out later to be the only chance you were given to have a child?

Has anyone ever reasoned how it feels to lose a parent? Put it the other way round (a parent losing a child). Why should an unborn child be seen as unwanted property and being disposed off? A baby is God’s opinion that the world should go on. The fact is that no one can stop the future or rewind the past. For those who have done what Julia did, the best way is to pray and press play. For those thinking of doing it, why not think twice and be wise?

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  1. Wow...is this a true life story? Very pathetic. Ayo must be confused here I guess.

  2. Dunn...if you were to be in Ayo's shoes what would you have done. Its a pity that in our society, this is the order of the day. Its a RED CARD for me sha ooooo

  3. If every lady decides to keep her unborn child, you will be surprised with the multitude of nuisance
    children flocking everywhere. By now, Nigerian would have become the number one most populated country in the world replacing China. I'm not trying to say abortion is good but bringing a child u can't raise up properly or take care of his/her needs to the world is a worst sin itself, so they (women/ladies) see abortion as alternative. The vast majority of women who did abortion always say they would have carried the birth to term if they had the support. Most ladies do it because 90% of single men seeking for a woman's hand in marriage will never married a single mother. And mind u I'm telling u a secret now cos I have few nurses as friends, abortions are carried out mostly by married women.

    For Julia, since she knows her womb has been affected due to the two abortion she did in the past, she should not have wasted Ayo's time all this while. If I were to be Ayo, just let me reserve my comment only God knows what I would do to her

  4. dis is excellent sir, more grace 2 ur elbow

  5. martins ebuka onyekonwu21 March 2013 at 23:22

    Say no to abortion, no matter the stage of the pregnancy!

  6. Wow this is nice! Julia shud hav told him instead of keeping it away from Ayo.