Who Wears The Hood in Nollywood?

Justus Esiri
When the thoughts of the recent death rates in Nollywood enveloped me, I began to wonder what really is happening to the industry. From Ashley Nwosu to Sam Loco Efe, to Enebeli Elebuwa, to Pete Eneh, and now Justus Esiri... and others. 
Although, people die everyday but the speed at which stars are leaving via death, is something that calls for a deep reflection among the living. 

When death occurs, it places us in the dark
And then it leaves a sorrowful indelible mark.
It takes the very essence of our joy away
It leaves in us a feeling of absolute Decay.

Then we feel like taking our own last Breath
Then we remember that it was the sound of Death
That brought these pains to our soul
Making this great pain so Whole.

The world over, people keep dying like flies... when they die, we read about them in the news , we may not know how it feels until someone close to us dies too. 

Here is a list of Nollywood stars who have died in less than 2years. 

1. Ashley Nwosu
2.  James Iroha (Giringori)
3.Sam Loco Efe
4. David Ihezie
5. Lekan Lekinson
6. Pete Eneh
7. Enebeli Elebuwa
8. Collins Ifeanyi
9. Silifatu Silifonia
10. Bisi Komolafe
11. Justus Esiri
12. Lugard Onoyemu

Aside from all these, there are many others. The question is, Who is the man wearing the long black coat knocking on people's doors? Who wears the hood in nollywood? For two stars (Justus Esiri and Lugard Onoyemu) to die on the same week, would one say something is leading to this or it's just like the death of every other person and probably,  a call from above? If we say Justus Esiri died perhaps because he was old, what about Lugard who reportedly slumped and passed on? He died at the National Stadium, Surulere, Lagos during a football training session preparatory to a novelty match the AGN had organised as part of its Actors Week programme.

One may blatantly ask "who's next?"... We do not wish for any more deaths. May the souls of all the departed Nollywood stars rest in peace!

 This is my lamentation!

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