Within the past few years, there has been a shift in the economic paradigm the world over. Generations after the other had generally built lifelong careers at one company or at least in one particular field they belonged. Most importantly, in many cases, building a life in such career demanded that they simply meet the expectations of their bosses in order to advance and by doing so, they had to be upgrading.

However, today’s workplace is dramatically different, and many of the strategies that worked in the past are no longer viable. While the economy may recover significantly in the coming years, we need to all redefine our approach to work. Going forward, we must all be aware of those careers that would not just be based on our likeness for them but on the successes which we may get out of them.

Take your time to wonder the careers that will be in demand in future. Imagine how you would feel if the job you've been doing for most of your life just moves down without any warning.  Imagine you just spent several years getting an education for what you thought would be a very hot job but later turned out to be a very bad choice because the choice for it has declined. 

For you to know the secrets to choosing a satisfying career that will also be a hot job, you need to really understanding the major trends that are affecting people’s lives on daily basis, you will be able to play an active role in planning and directing your career if only you have taken your time to understand these trends. By understanding these trends you will have a better chance of seeing the big changes before they come to the fore. This look into the future will show you the hot jobs that are expected to have high demand and some that are not. The key careers that will be in demand in future are:

Recent research about job reports have shown a glimmer of hope, professionals from all generations are gearing up to seize the next big career opportunity after years of stagnation from the economic downturn.  But, over the last half decade, the path to career success has been fundamentally redefined, and more and more, professionals of all ages and from diverse industries are finding that an entrepreneurial mindset is a prerequisite to soar to greater heights. This is one aspect that will contribute to the socio-economic development of any country. It will touch virtually all other areas or careers.

Project Management
As the economy reinvents itself yet again, project managers are fast becoming the new normal as most companies in Nigeria and around the world look to hire managers to oversee the building and designing of new projects. One of the fastest growing areas is project management; it’s not just about doing the work, it’s about managing the entire process. “To survive now and thrive later, project managers have to consider social and cultural trends” experts in this field have admonitions.
We are in a country where there is an absolute negligence of Information and Technology even though grabbed by a few privileged ones. It is worthy of note that today’s world is a world of intellect and digitalized technology. A career in ICT is bold step. It is one major career that will inevitably be in high demand in the near future. No matter what one may have studied, without ICT knowledge, one is out.

What else can you think of? Make a comment let's see what you've got.

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  1. the ICT market can always provide jobs because the ICT industry is still a virgin in Nigeria, people are yet to explore the lucrative part of ICT, look at the like of China, USA, Germany, India, UK and many of them compare what they have done in the ICT world to Nigeria, you will find out that Nigeria is still a virgin, those who have got the right information are taking advantage of the Industry. Take your now.


  2. Yea Stanley! So you can agree with me that ICT will definitely be an in-thing in the near future.