Some people strike it rich and are forced to retire at the prime of their careers. They tend to back out officially having spent a very short time. Some careers give longer opportunities to certain individuals as long as they are still interested in such careers but some other careers have short life spans which later on, eventually leave a bitter sweet taste in the lives of the individuals who threaded the paths.

However, no one wishes to retire young. That is a major reason why most people bring down their ages just to stay longer in one particular industry or the other. But then, not all careers are designed to last until the golden age of 65. Some people get rich and bow out early, while others are forced to pack it in while they're under forty. Whether by choice or not, here are six careers that end young.
Investment banking
Choosing a career in the banking industry may be a very wise decision but it has a very short span. The financial industry may not exactly have the best public image, but the earnings are still substantial. The risk of failure is great, but so are the rewards if you make the right move at the right time. The highest paid investment bank managing director in Nigeria earns N177million in a year. a respectable number of them make millions, but remember that the earning potential has a high ceiling. The most fearful moment of every banker is being relieved of their jobs at anytime owing to several mergers.
A young girl while growing up, dreams of becoming an actress, she never thought of how short and unsteady her role may be as she possibly gets in. She may have heard how top-earning actress like Kate Henshaw-Nuttal, Genevieve Nnaji, and Ini Edo rank as some of the highest paid Nollywood actresses according to OMG, she wants to do same. Their pay sound great, but Nollywood is a tough employer. Taking a career in acting is not easy to get. But even when you finally get it, the moment another younger star outshines you, you are definitely out of the picture. Those high earnings are the exception to the rule. It does not mean that as they are exceptions that their careers cannot flunk overnight. Their career will diminish especially when hotter actresses come on board. Actresses are at particular risk of forced early retirement, since the industry likes its female talent under 40 and wrinkle-free. Still, if you make it big like Regina Askia, you'll be able to retire comfortably in your mansion and let the younger crowd take over.
“Career in the military is a very noble one, it is said that apart from lawyers, & ministers of God, these are the only noble professions. The military offers one discipline and courage you can't find in any other profession. It is a profession that evokes pride and helps one circumnavigate the turbulent storms of life” a soldier once said. But then, the trainings are brutal; the hours, long; and the deployments, wrenching. But a career in the military can be a great way to ensure an early retirement. Let’s assume you get recruited at the age of 20, you can draw a (modest) retirement when you've served 35 years, at the age of 55 depending on whether it is a short or long service. You've an opportunity of serving 10 yrs short service and bowing out, if you don't like to continue, but you've an option of conversion to regular service & with that you can serve as long as U the military needs Ur service. But the military reserves the right to disengage anybody at any time no matter your type of commission for the flimsy reason that your service is not needed anymore. This means that even if you have served just five years, you may be disengaged. Thus, the military does retire & reserves the right to retire any one at any time & say that the person’s service is no more required. It happens always. Age is also a factor, the military places a high premium on one who is young but has attained higher rank than the one who's old.

Toeing the line of the likes of Zinedane Zidane, Austin Okocha in soccer may not be a bad step even though they retired at age 35 after making their millions of pounds. If you've ever watched a football quarterback take a brutal hit, or watched a baseball player hit that perfect home run, you know the skill to take the heat on the field is rare. All these performances and the cash involved are dependent on one’s youthful agility. Athletes can be paid millions for their talent, like Didier Drogba who earns £220, 000 weekly for a two and a half year deal. These kinds of paychecks require great commitment, however, and end when the athlete's body no longer performs at optimum--which is most certainly a few decades before the standard retirement age of 65.
Models’ worth is hinged on how dazzling their beauty may be. But no matter how beautiful they appear, these beauties still fade away faster than any other job attribute. To gain success, models often start working during their teens, and are considered at the peak of their careers before they're even legally allowed to drink. Pay can be high for those who are in couture or with a famous supermodel image, like top-earning Gisele Bundchen Brady, who, according to Magazine Tag, makes $45 million a year. In Nigeria, modelling companies do not really manage their models as against their western counterparts. This is the reason why they wear out easily owing to inadequate remunerations and care for the upcoming models. There are lots of restrictions and by the time these models get married and give birth, there is the possibility of their being dropped before age 30.
Being a ballet dancer sounds so romantic, but to dance professionally does mean to be young. Often said to be harder than any sport, dancing requires that you be in top physical condition (and keep your weight down), practice, travel and generally be devoted to your profession beyond your average career. To be successful, dancers must start training at a young age, with first professional auditions at the age of 17.
Pay is generally low. Dancers often stop performing by their 30s; some go on to work as choreographers or teachers. Dancing generally is not worth a while.
What if you retire early?
Those who get into the mentioned careers already have it in the know that at any time, they would back out. What if they now get to retire early, who do they do with the rest of the years? Many who retire from these jobs go on to become consultants or teachers or to do contract works. Some, like famous actors, top athletes, and investment bankers, just strike it rich and can spend their young years spending their fortune.
In the light of all these, what do you think about embarking on the careers discussed so far? If you think there are other careers with short life span apart from these, or you think none of them has short life span, drop a comment and say your mind.